Importance of Visitor Management System

Safety is an important element of any building or service. This allows people who work, play and even reside within these assets to travel with peace of mind.

The value of protection for real-estate properties becomes even more important today, considering that, according to estimates, over 1/3rd  of real-estate companies have encountered a cyber security incident themselves or at one or both of their assets during the last two years. This alarming reality does not include the occurrence of abuse, unrest, robbery, extremism, arson, theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access.

visitor management system

Fortunately, the software can do a lot to mitigate the exposure to these situations. And one of the best inventions you can introduce currently is visitor management software that helps sustain your estate.

To a certain end, this article gave you eight of the most important safety criteria when establishing a Visitor Management System. We will also discuss the need to incorporate this kind of real estate security system.

Where to begin

Ensure the security of your assets often allows you to make a thorough assessment of where you are in terms of security. It provides you a complete picture of the strategies you need to incorporate and the potential losses you might incur by not participating in the necessary safety measures.

  • Demographics of tenants (sex,age, occupation,nationality,)
  • Type of Business (private, semi-public and public)
  • Perimeter (interior and external)

With this data, you can predict security risks and enforce the necessary safety measures to avoid them from occurring.

visitor management system

Decreasing Real Estate Security Gap

Many real estate properties now have a surveillance system set up, which includes alarms, security footage, access control, guest designated parking and security officers. But here’s why incorporating a Visitor Management System is necessary for additional security.

Accuracy in the coverage

By Visitor Management System, you could document all your guest details consistently and accurately with the aid of your Visitor sign up App. It lets you control search, evaluate and download your visitor-related data for every given period. You can also export the information or produce reports based on your requirements.

These are vital information that can be used during safety inquiries. It can also be used in the construction of audit billing, particularly for contractors and vendors. This is most useful during an incident because it includes a list of all visitors involved during an emergency so that they are fully accounted for.

visitor management system

Guest Recognition is Easy

The inclusion of easily comprehensible photo badges, are automatically printed after documenting all the required information, allows it the ideal tool to recognize whether a person is a guest. It also assists with the use of surveillance footage to quickly identify individuals because of the details on their badges.

Easy sign up Process for Returning Visitors

Always leave nice experience with your returning visitors, as their data can be conveniently stored in your visitor management system. It helps them to log-in with less time and effort. You be able to bring up your current and past guest history. This helps you to notify your legal department instantly if there is a problem.