Several Ways to Estimate Your Exhibition at the Trade Show

Keeping exhibitions at trade shows in Toronto is still one of the most powerful and common ways to form leads of business-to-business companies. It usually includes two challenges. Firstly, it is very expensive to make participation. All the aspects like booth design and setup, booth space, presenters and infotainers, signage and collateral cost a lot. And all the costs are also included in the time, attention, and travel for marketers and salespeople to make the trade show successful. The second one is inevitability which means it is tough to foresee your pay-off for attending the show. You can consider several things to measure return on investment of your trade shows in Toronto.

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Identify if exhibit space is actually right for you

Exhibiting cannot be the right approach for your company just because the conference has an exhibit hall. In case if you have never attended the conference, you can register as an attendee so that you will receive the great experience of an entire conference before making the dive on exhibiting. You can send your top sales representatives to the trade shows in Toronto, network with events, walk on the show floor, and recognize if the attendees are your type of target audience.

Create clear objectives for the show

Once you decide to exhibit an event, you should determine what objectives you need to achieve. There are a lot of things that you can achieve by remaining there at a trade show. You need to operate with your colleagues in sales to set up a reasonable goal and then you have to communicate the same to the people participating in the event.

Keep a record of your customer feedbacks and leads in your CRM

As the sales cycles in business-to-business are generally long, it is always essential to protect leads until they convert into successful deals. Here your CRM system and marketing automation can play a vital role. Create lists and tags for every trade show to better monitor and follow the results of your participation. This way, you can have a good influence on your pipeline with net new revenue generation from new and existing customers.

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Track expenses against new revenue

It is not necessarily mean that the trade show was worth attending just because you generated some revenue from it. In order to make trade shows form more profits than they cost, you need to tally all of your expenses and estimate that against the additional income.